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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to zeenatemporium.com

If you agree to use this site you forfeit any legal action against zeenatemporium.com and any associated partners. At any time we may at our discretion adjust or modify the terms of this agreement. Zeenatemporium.com and partners are not responsible of your actions during visitation on this site.

We have the right to change or refuse any orders for any reason including clerical mistakes on your side or ours.

You are responsible for all or any applied sales taxes and or any fees. Some products may include appropriate taxes. For in-depth inquire contact us in person.

If an order cannot be fulfilled within 180 days it is your responsibility to inquire about your options. We cannot take responsibility b/c international suppliers and shippers do not provide accurate delivery dates for backorder.

We Appreciate your Patronage.

Privacy is a crucial matter, due to the times we live in. We are not responsible for anything legally.